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HY 2019 Results – Webcast

The company announced its results for the six months ended 31 March 2019 on Thursday 16 May 2018.  There was a webcast on the morning which is available for viewing, please register or log in via the button below.


HY19 Outlook

“We have delivered excellent growth in the first six months of the year and have continued positive momentum into the second half. We see strong demand for our high quality homes and have underpinned margins with operational efficiency and the opening of our modular panel factory. We remain confident of delivering full year and medium-term expectations.”

Key financials


HY 2019

HY 20181






Adjusted revenue2




Adjusted operating profit3




Adjusted operating margin4




Adjusted basic earnings per share5




Dividend per share




Return on capital employed6




Group total forward order book








Reported revenue




Reported operating profit




Net (debt)/cash7




Basic earnings per share




1 Restated, see Note 3. Accounting policies.
2 Adjusted revenue includes the Group’s share of revenue from joint ventures and associate of £56.7m (HY 2018: £69.2m).
3 Adjusted operating profit includes the Group’s share of operating profit from joint ventures and associate of £17.7m (HY 2018: £15.1m) and excludes non-underlying items of £11.5m (HY 2018: £2.0m). Refer to Note 7.
4   Adjusted operating margin is defined as adjusted operating profit divided by adjusted revenue.
5   Adjusted basic earnings per share is defined as adjusted profit attributable to ordinary shareholders, net of attributable taxation, divided by the weighted average number of shares in issue for the period.
6   Return on capital employed (“ROCE”) is defined as adjusted operating profit for the last 12 months divided by the average of opening and closing tangible net operating asset value (“TNOAV”) for the 12-month period. TNOAV is calculated as net assets excluding net cash or debt less intangible assets net of deferred tax.
7   Net debt is defined as bank borrowings less unrestricted cash. Unamortised debt arrangement fees are not included in net debt.


  • Strong current trading and on track to deliver volume and margin expectations for the full year

  • Increased dividend payout ratio to 40% of adjusted earnings from continued cash generation

  • As expected, adjusted operating margin lower due to the change in geographic and tenure mix following the Westleigh acquisition

  • 140 active sites (HY 2018: 94) including 60 sales outlets (HY 2018: 52 sales outlets)

  • Net reservation rate at top end of target range at 0.86 (HY 2018: 0.87)

  • Private Average Selling Price (“ASP”) of £377k (HY 2018: £392k)

  • 12,126 additional plots secured during the first half

  • Non-underlying items include a non-cash impairment of inventory of £7.4m

Following a strong second quarter, with a net private reservation rate at the top of our target range, we remain well placed to deliver on full year expectations. As expected, completions will be second half weighted but are underpinned by a strong forward order book and further outlet openings in the second half. Our geographic expansion following the integration of Westleigh provides us with a strong platform for future growth. Additionally, we continue to see attractive new business opportunities in both divisions to support our medium-term strategy.

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